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Hire verified talents

Connect with pre-vetted job seekers recommended by in-house recruiters. Our platform streamlines your hiring process and makes it simple for you to find the perfect candidate for your open positions. Let us help you find the right talent to grow your team.

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Find the Best Talents, Together.

At Fyrya, we believe that finding the most talented professionals is a collaborative effort. That's why we provide a platform that makes it easy for the talent acquisition community to collaborate, even accross multiple companies. Our simple and approachable workflow ensures that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal.

A collaborative recruiting network of in-house recruiters who work together.
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Hire x10 faster

Cut your time & cost to hire by connecting with professionally vetted talents like the silver medalists - candidates who almost got the job but missed out. These individuals have impressive CVs, passed assessments and interviews, and made it to the final shortlist. They may have been overlooked due to subjective factors like cultural fit. However, they could be a perfect fit for your company's culture.

Boost your Employer

Instead of rejecting good candidates, establish a lasting relationship by helping them find a job and stay connected. This will make them more likely to apply again in the future and recommend your company to others. By doing so, you'll enhance your Candidate Net Promoter Scores and make your employer's brand stand-out from competition. 

a diverse talent very happy with her candidate experience.
diversity, equity and inclusion.

Achieve your D.E.I. goals

Source and hire verified top talents from under-represented groups. All job seekers potential discriminative data are hidden until they accept to connect with you, avoiding unconscious biases and protecting their confidentiality. 

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Hear It from Our Users

"Sharing resumes of valuable candidates we didn't hire is something most in-house recruiters do informally. With Fyrya, we finally have a dedicated platform for that."

Jane S, IT Recruiter

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