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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I recommend valuable talents?
    Go to the "recommend" section and select the role you would like to vet the talent for. There are 3 ways to formally recommend a talent to join our pool: A- Copy the link and use it with your usual email client. B- Type the talent's email address and customize the email content directly into this section. A personalized email on your behalf will be sent automatically by Fyrya with a link to create a vetted talent profile. C- Copy/Past the text and the link into your ATS rejection template.
  • Why should I recommend talents? What's in it for me?
    Instead of coldly rejecting candidates you liked, build a long-lasting relationship with them by helping them find a job. Many studies showed that candidates who've put time and effort into a hiring process are mostly so frustrated when they are not selected that they don't even want to hear any more about the company's products & services. By helping valuable candidates in their job search, you can boost your employer's brand and build strong relationship making your future hirings easier: These talents may refer you to their network and even re-apply themselves in the future.
  • How does the Fyrya Points system work?
    You cannot make it simpler: -Each time you recommend a talent, you'll earn 100 points. -Each time you want to invite a talent to apply to one of your jobs, you'll spend 100 points. The idea behind is to make each member of the recruiter's network bring value to the community: the more you contribute, the more you can connect with top talents verified by other members of the network!
  • Can I recommend talents without having to post a job before?
    Yes! Recommending valuable talents is completely independent from job posting.
  • How can I connect with a talent?
    You can simply send an invitation to apply to one of your open jobs, previously posted on our platform. If the talent accepts and applies, you'll be then able to see her/his full profile.
  • Can I download the resume of a candidate?
    Sure, if a talent applied to one of your jobs, you'll be able to download her/his resume and simply add it to your usual ATS.
  • I understand all talent profiles are anonymous, what can I see before they apply?
    Talent's public profiles show all the necessary details you need before inviting them to apply: -Experience -Education -Soft Skills -Technical Skills -Langages -Career Wishlist, including their targeted salary and preferred workplaces and benefits.
  • How can I join the platform?
    Currently, the only way to join our talent pool is to be vetted by an in-house recruiter. Feel free to ask for a recommendation next time you deal with a recruiter, even those who are still not part of our network.
  • Can I ask for a recommendation from a recruiter if I'm not selected for a job?
    Sure! Even if recruiters are still not part of our network, they can still recommend you for a specific job. It's a great way to help you find the perfect job.
  • What happens if I'm invited to join Fyrya?
    If a recruiter liked your profile, especially during a hiring process where you made it to the final rounds, she/he can recommend you to Fyrya for a specific role. You'll get an email either from the recruiter or from us, with a link to join the platform and create your talent profile.
  • How can I connect with recruiters on the platform?
    There are currently two ways to connect: -You can directly apply to a job posted by a recruiter. -You can be invited to apply to a job by a recruiter.
  • How can I stay anonymous?
    Data Privacy is paramount for us. Every talent joining our platform has to choose an auto-generated nickname among multiple choices. Your email and personal data are crypted with the highest security protocols. Recruiters can't see your real name until you apply to one of their jobs. Besides, you can also easily hide your current employer's company name.
  • I'm a member of a minority, how can I expect Fyrya to help me find a great job?
    At Fyrya, fighting against unconscious biases in hiring is one of our main motos. All potential discriminative data are hidden in a talent profile. Your full profile will only be available to recruiters when you are invited to apply to a job or directly apply yourself.
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