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Leverage the power of referrals to find the perfect job.

At Fyrya, we want to change the way job hunting works. We've been there too, and we know how much time and energy is needed to find the perfect job. Our goal is to make life easier for both job seekers and recruiters by leveraging the power of referrals.

Express your career wishlist

You're looking for a full remote job? Do you focus on some industries? Do you feel better in a small company? Do you look for specific benefits? Express all your wishes and let recruiters reach-out to you.

Stay anonymous and avoid biases

At Fyrya, we understand the importance of data privacy. Every talent on the platform is anonymous, protecting your confidentiality. Besides, all potential discriminative data are hidden to recruiters until you decide to connect with them, making the early selection process fairer, especially for talents from under-represented groups. 

Get recommended by recruiters

We know how much finding the perfect job can be challenging, we've been there too. Fyrya helps you show recruiters that you've been recommended by one of their peers, making your profile stand-out from the crowd.

Apply in a few clicks or get invited by recruiters

At Fyrya, we believe that finding the perfect job should be easier and faster. Our easy application feature reduces your efforts to the bare minimum. Recruiters can also express their interest by inviting you to apply to one of their open positions, making your job search more relevant and easier than ever.

How it Works

Ready to Find the Perfect Job?

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