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We help you connect with professionally vetted talents.

At Fyrya, we understand that finding and screening talents can be difficult. That's why we offer a comprehensive solution that streamlines the recruitment process, making it easier for you to connect with verified and actively looking job seekers. By reducing your time and cost to hire, you can focus on quality instead of quantity.

Improved Talent Sourcing

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Finding the right talent for your organization is crucial for success. At Fyrya, we offer a talent sourcing solution that connects you with pre-vetted job seekers who have been recommended by in-house recruiters. Our collaborative network is specifically designed to make sourcing easier and faster with more relevant and responsive talents. 

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Reduced Screening Time

Every talent on our platform has been vetted by an in-house recruiter for specific roles. At the contrary of generalist job boards, a talent can't enter our pool without being previously vetted by a verified talent acquisition professional. 

Our focus is and will always remain quality instead of quantity, reducing your screening efforts and time to fill. 

Recommend instead of reject

We know how much rejecting a candidate you liked but didn't hire is uncomfortable, especially for those who made it to the final rounds of a hiring process. With Fyrya, you can easily recommend your favorite candidates to our professional network and help them in their job search, making your employer's brand stand-out from competition and your future hirings easier. 

Achieve your Diversity targets

Connecting with actively looking professionals from under-represented groups can be a challenging exercice. By hiding all potential discriminative data, we help recruiting teams avoid biases and source verified talents from diversity. We also give full control to job seekers who ultimately decide when they share their full profile with recruiters.


Additional Features

Ready to Connect with Top Talent?

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