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Recommend instead of reject top candidates.

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

As an in-house recruiter, your primary responsibility is to identify and hire the best candidates for your company. However, there may be situations where you come across silver medalists who are not a perfect fit for the current role but show potential for similar positions, even beyond your own company. Rather than rejecting these candidates outright, recommending them to other recruiters can be an excellent way to enhance the candidate experience and build your employer brand. Here are some reasons why:

It demonstrates a commitment to employee development.

By recommending silver medalists for other positions, within or beyond your own company, you show that you're interested in their professional growth and development. Rather than merely declining them, you're acknowledging their potential and providing them with

additional opportunities to find a position that fits their skills and experience. This can be a powerful message that you care about your employees and are willing to help them succeed.

It enhances the candidate experience

Suggesting silver medalists to other recruiters improves the candidate experience in several ways. First, it indicates that you're keen to help the candidate despite the current position's ineligibility, and you're invested in their career. Second, it gives valuable feedback to candidates, allowing them to understand why they weren't chosen and how they can improve their chances in the future. Lastly, it makes the candidate feel positive about your company, knowing that they are treated with respect and have a bright future ahead.

It promotes referrals

Recommending silver medalists to other recruiters can build strong relationships with other recruiters. These relationships can help in the future by making it easier to identify the ideal candidate for a specific job, with a wider pool of qualified candidates. Furthermore, these connections can help in building an effective referral network for your company, helping you to fill future positions efficiently and quickly.

It benefits your organization

Recommending silver medalists to other recruiters can be advantageous in several ways. By developing relationships with other recruiters beyond your company, you can create an integrated talent pipeline that spans various industries and locations, making it easier to fill vacant roles quickly. Additionally, this may allow you to fill job vacancies internally, which can reduce recruiting costs while also promoting employee engagement, retention, and career development.


At Fyrya, we spoke with hundreds of corporate recruiters who were used to informally share resumes of candidates they liked with their peers from other companies, and we strongly believe that helping these valuable talents in their job search is a small-time investment with huge positive outcomes for every recruiter and company. Our platform can help you manage this effortlessly. Start your free trial today!

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